It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but with Christmas only a week away, it’s also the most stressful time for shopping! With a little help from the stars, we’re here to make your life a little easier with our zodiac gift guide, so you can shop for your loved ones based on their sign!


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is also the most fiery! She’s a leader in everything she does, including being the first to try a new fashion trend! Gift your Aries bestie glittering jewelry that satisfies her need to sparkle, anything red to match her inner fire, and a stylish hair accessory because sometimes she needs to be reminded how hot headed she can be!

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Taurus is the comfort queen of the zodiac! She loves to lounge in the lap of luxury and will never deny herself a nap. Basically, every day is a treat yourself day for this earth sign! Indulge her with soft pillows, fancy face masks, and cozy cold weather accessories

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It’s Gemini’s time to shine during this very social season! As she hops from party to party, help her keep her tech safe with the newest phone cases, ear bud case covers, and smart watch bands. You’ll win extra BFF points if you color coordinate all of them! 

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Cancers are amazing friends. They are loyal, warm-hearted, and the sweetest signs you will ever meet! Show your Cancer bestie some love this holiday season with thoughtful gifts: cowrie shell jewelry because she’s a water sign, an instax photo holder with your fave photo together, and a cute personalized mug perfect for sipping (and spilling) tea!

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Leos are queens among us, and they know it! With their confidence and killer sense of style, they are as fabulous as they come and deserve gifts that reflect that, meaning lots of shiny things! Gift a Leo statement sunglasses, bold jewelry, or a fun makeup set, and she’ll be sure to smile when she opens your surprise! 

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Everyone needs a Virgo in their friend group! She’s the one who gets the girls gang together no matter how busy the time of year, and she always knows how to keep the peace. Celebrate her love of organization and practicality by gifting her jewelry holders, notebooks, and tech accessories!  

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Libras are the life of every party! She’s the friend who you always want to bring as your +1 because you know you’re guaranteed a fun night out! Show her your appreciate her as the social butterfly she is with a photo holder for the memories, champagne glasses for her next party, and a glam jewelry set that matches her sparkling personality! 

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How to describe a Scorpio? An enigma wrapped in a sexy riddle? Scorpio is the most mysterious and magnetic sign of the zodiac. Highlight her natural allure by gifting her a slinky robe, celestial jewelry, and some luxe scrunchies! (Because she may be hard to shop for, but who doesn’t love a scrunchie?)

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A loud and proud fire sign, Sagittarius is characterized by her optimism and love of adventure! She has many ambitions, but her greatest is most likely her desire to travel the world. Get her gifts that help support this dream: a photo album for all of her international snapshots, a watch so she’ll never miss a flight, and a backpack for all of her in-flight essentials!

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Capricorns are major overachievers, and we love them for that! Only sometimes, they don’t know when to stop and take time to smell the Christmas tree. A luxe pillow case, bath set, and fluffy slippers are her ideal gifts for a well deserved girl’s night in!

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Aquarius are tricky to buy gifts for, and that’s not just because they sound like they should be a water sign but are actually an air sign. It’s because they’re all so unique! Thankfully, we have many phone cases and hair clip styles to suit every personality! And you can never go wrong with a fun bath bomb

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Pisces is last but definitely not least on our shopping list! She is the heart of your friend group and has never met a rom com that she didn’t weep over. Get her gifts that show off her girly side: embellished headbands, trendy purses, and personalized jewelry are the way to go for this water sign! 

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