Going back to campus means one thing… new accessories! Style up your phone with our not-so-basic phone accessories, we’ve got the perfect ones for you.

Phone Cases

Embellish your phone and stand out with our gemstone and marble look cases. Not only does it add some style to your phone but also protects it too for when you’re walking around campus.


Get a grip on your phone! PopSockets are not only a helpful addition to your tech accessories but look super cute too. Use it as a phone holder or stand to make scrolling through insta a breeze on your lunch break. You can also double up PopSockets to wrap your earbud cords around too!

Phone Accessories

Our phone accessories add some extra fun to your phone. Cool down on campus with our plug in fans, practical yet stylish, the perfect accessory for any hot babe.

Get back to campus ready with our collection of tech accessories, shop in store & online now!

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